Zack the Jungle Coyote

Zack's normal appearance.

Zack is a cartoon coyote who is a minor character in J&D's ToonWorld series. He is an OC created by JustinandDennis.

Appearance Edit

Zack has brownish fur with light grey/brown marks on his feet and hands, yellow eyes, and a dark marking on his back. A part of his left ear is missing.

Zack's clothing consists only of a brown loincloth.

Personality Edit

Zack is a bit of a crazy guy who was raised by jaguars. He lives in a jungle close to Toontown Central.

More Info Edit

  • Age: 19
  • Friends: Justin Puppy, Tarayzan (from Rayman 1), Ovide the Platypus (Ovide and the Gang), and Baloo (1967 Walt Disney's The Jungle Book)
  • Likes: living in the jungle, swinging on vines, 1967 Walt Disney's The Jungle Book (his favorite film), Ovide and the Gang, The Bare Necessites, Tarayzan (from Rayman 1), Baloo (his favorite Disney hero), berries, The Dream Forest, and Skalk (Khumba)
  • Dislikes/Hates: Shere Khan (1967 Walt Disney's The Jungle Book), cold places, losing his favorite things, wearing shoes, getting hurt, back ache, and a sore ear.

Trivia Edit

  • Zack may have been based on both Tarzan and George of the Jungle.