Usagi the Evil Mutant Dragon

Usagi the Evil Mutant Dragon

Usagi is a male mutant dragon, and the main antagonist of ToonWorld All-Stars: The Movie. He is the manifestation of pure evil, and the feared Chaos Lord of the ToonWorld universe.

Appearance Edit

Usagi isn't called a "mutant dragon" for nothing, as he's covered in a mixture of orange scales and fur, which is why his shoulders look furry. He has a dark brown snout and belly, dark teal horns and wings, and light blue spikes that go down his back. He also has fluffy cheeks the same color as his spikes. His hands are also dark teal with dark brown wrists and a light blue marking on the top of his hands. His feet are dark grey with dark brown ankles. He also has a long dragon-like snake tail with a neon green tuft on top. His claws are also neon green.

Usagi has red, sinister-looking eyes with slit-like pupils, and dark indigo markings around his eyes.

Personality Edit

Usagi truly is the master of evil. In terms of personality, Usagi is sadistic, sly, mischievous, cunning, and deceitful. He's even powerful than Discord and King Sombra!

Usagi's minions are the Demon Wolves, who aren't as powerful as him, but they still like to cause chaos. The Demon Wolves fear nothing except the Angel Wolves, their benevolent opposites.

Usagi is very powerful, and almost unstoppable. When the GFTC Wolf and the E.V.I.L Troop summoned him and his Demon Wolves, Usagi was bent on universe destruction. However, he was finally defeated by Flippy Doggenbottom, along with The S.A.F.T Squad, the Angel wolves, and all the Toons of the world during an epic fight for the multiverse. Usagi's death also revoked all the damage he caused to Earth, as well as killing off his army of Demon Wolves.

Trivia Edit

  • Usagi is widely considered the most powerful and impure villain in the entire ToonWorld series.