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ToonWorld All-Stars: The Movie is a crossover film based on J&D’s ToonWorld series that was released on June 22, 2016. (NOTE: There are a LOT of characters in this film, but only the main characters appear most often. Some of the supporting protagonists do appear more than once, but all the others only appear during the climax of the film, which is the epic fight for the multi-verse.)

The film features both traditional hand-drawn characters and 3D CGI-animated characters sharing the screen, which is considered VERY rare in most films.


When The E.V.I.L Troop and Usagi the Evil Mutant Dragon plan to destroy the world, it’s up to the S.A.F.T Squad and their fellow toon friends to stop them. Toons of the World, unite!

Plot (ONLY Ryantepuppydog242 and JustinandDennis are allowed to edit this)

Long ago, before Toontown even existed, there was once an evil dragon whose name was Usagi. He was sadistic, sly, mischievous, cunning, and a ruthless leader who lead an army of ferocious Demon Wolves to destroy anyone who stood in his way. The Angel Wolves feared that Usagi's ultimate power would destroy the universe, so they gathered a group of heroes to defeat Usagi. These noble heroes were some of the first toons that ever existed, and they were led by Henry Doggenbottom, the now-deceased father of Flippy Doggenbottom. It wasn't an easy battle, but eventually Usagi was defeated.

Many years later, in a modern-day Toontown, toons in every part of the multiverse are living happy and fulfilled lives, including Toontown Central's mayor Flippy Doggenbottom. Even though he was heartbroken by the unfortunate death of his father Henry (whom he barely knew), Flippy enjoys a good, normal life... until his life takes a turn for the worse, when the treacherous and greedy GFTC Wolf (from Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics) and his sinister E.V.I.L Troop plan to revive Lord Usagi and his Demon Wolves to destroy the universe!

As Flippy's world was at stake, Cooler (from the 1980's Pound Puppies) and Frankie (from Jumpstart First Grade) vowed to protect their friend Flippy at any cost. They also called on Justin Puppy, Dennis Coyote, Sophie the Otter and The S.A.F.T Squad to track down the E.V.I.L Troop before they can summon Usagi. However, it will be a dangerous mission for our heroes, and they might put their lives at risk!

Luckily, they're going to have their friends helping them with the mission, as well as some new allies joining the action. As the toons set off to find where the E.V.I.L Troop may be heading, they all split up into 7 different groups----

Justin Puppy's Group: Justin Puppy, Rufus the Dog, Montgomery Moose, Zippy Doggenbottom, Tweek, Satch, Little Dog, Rusty Wildwood, Little Beeper, Hamton J. Pig, Pancake Popple, Pinky the Shiny Music Hall Dog, Blooper, Wooferino, and Ovide.

Dennis Coyote's Group: Dennis, Gold-Dust, PJ Pete, Simon the Puppy, Matt Major, Paula Fox, Lenny Kangaroo, Ma-San, Katy Cat, Lammy, Bugsly Kitten, Bobby Bear, Danny Dog, Coal the Dog, Fanny Fox, Grover Chestnut, Peter Puppy and Parappa.

Sophie Otter's Group: Sophie the Otter, Preston Evergreen, Patty Rabbit, Molly Kangaroo, Dogbot, CatDroid, Puzzle Popple, Truman, Ashley Evergreen, Bonnie & Billy Wagner, Suzie Squirrel, Roobear Koala, Laura Koala, and Violet (Shiny Music Hall)

Max Goof's Group: Max Goof, R1/1995 Rayman, Dotty Dog, Loulou/Wolfy, P.C. "Pretty Cool" Popple, Woof (Where’s Wally/Waldo?), Flap the Platypus, Shifty Dingo, Nutsy Koala, Calamity Coyote, Gogo Dodo, Scooby Jr., Odie, and Floppy Rabbit

Bubsy's Group: Bubsy Bobcat, Buster Bunny, Zipper Cat, Furrball the Cat, Huckle Cat, Plucky Duck, Bingo Beaver, Reggie, Garfield, Simba, Blinky Bill, Marcia Mouse, Fangface, Owl Jolson, Putter Popple, Chomper (Land Before Time), and Fang (Shiny Music Hall)

Jerry's Group: Jerry the Mouse (Tom and Jerry), Squeak (The Garfield Show), Pinky & the Brain, Potato Chip Popple, Pukkunbu the Duck, Pretty Bit Popple, Stitch, Nick & Pamie Penguin, Tooty the Dog, Saphron, Tiki the Kiwi, and Ivy the Kiwi

Babs' Group: Babs Bunny, Fifi la Fume, Shirley the Loon, La Brea, Kibble, Pistol Pete, Nala, Betty Koala, Mimi Rabbit, Sam Manson, Matilda (Ovide and the Gang), Muffin the Mule, Party Popple, Puffball Popple, Portia Porcupine, and Angel/Experiment 624.

All the other toon heroes (including Flippy, Cooler and Frankie) stay put in the S.A.F.T Headquarters, while Bonnie and Foxy guard the front entrance. Each group finds a different clue that brings them closer to figuring out where the E.V.I.L Troop may be heading. They soon find out that Usagi's dormant spirit lies deep within the Darkwood Forest. Loulou/Wolfy runs back to the HQ to report this to Flippy. However, a minute after he does, the HQ's security cameras are suddenly infiltrated by the GFTC Wolf, who had managed to hack into the systems to send a message.

Shocked at this sudden interference, Flippy asks the other toons to go stop the E.V.I.L Troop before they can get to the center of Darkwood Forest and summon Usagi. However, Goofy, Pistol Pete, PJ Pete, PJ Berri, Woolma Lamb, Portia Porcupine, Tom Rabbit, Zippy & Gwen Doggenbottom, Suzie Squirrel, Nala, Miss Deer, Ashley Evergreen, Mimi Rabbit, Nick & Pamie Penguin, Kiwi, Betty Koala, Olivia, Panda, Marshall the Baby Dino, Splodge Kangaroo, Buttons Bear, Rusty Fox, Saphron, Muffin the Mule, Pretty Bit Popple, Utley & Hoover Cow, Bartholomew Bear, Paleman the Dog, Blooper the Dog, and Woof are not willing to go, so they decide to stay at the HQ.

Meanwhile, GFTC Wolf and the E.V.I.L Troop are almost near Usagi's resting place, and are about to summon him when they are ambushed by The S.A.F.T Squad. Bubsy, Danny Phantom and Reggie attempt to distract Madame Mousey, Jelly and Raymesis Jr., as Dennis tries to stop the summoning ritual. However, he is too late, as the GFTC Wolf successfully summons Usagi and his Demon Wolf army. Usagi initially makes the GFTC Wolf his second in-command, and willingly mutates the GFTC Wolf into a giant demonic version of himself.

Surrounded by the E.V.I.L Troop, the Demon Wolves and Lord Usagi himself, Justin Puppy and his fellow allies worry that they are outnumbered. Fortunately, Maralyn Koopa, Luna the Dragoness, Spyro the Dragon, Sparx the Dragonfly, Flurr, Snowball the Bird, Yoyo and Doc Croc fly in to help aid our heroes. Augie Dingo, Dizzy Devil, Hamton J. Pig, Roofus the Roller Roo, Rude Dog, the rest of the Dweebs, Red Rover, Chip the Cookie Hound, Scooby Doo, Cap’n O.G. Readmore, Wise Eyes the Owl, Timon, Pumbaa, Grizzly, Ice Bear, Oggy, Jack, Phineas, Ferb, Agent P, Rocko Wallaby, CatDog, Cow (as SuperCow) & Chicken, Tucker Foley, Cujo the Ghost Dog, Wulf, Frostbite, Jackie Legs, Zack the Jungle Coyote, Tubby the Pig, and the Angel Wolves also come to help as well. What follows soon after is the ultimate battle for the multiverse: Good vs. Evil. (under construction)

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Supporting Protagonists

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Other Antagonists

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Scene Gallery

Here's a gallery of some scenes from the movie.


  • Giorgio Moroder - "Tom's Diner" ft. Brittney Spears (this song can be heard in one of the official trailers)
  • Taylor Swift - "Bad Blood"
  • Kevin Macleod - "Organic Grunge"
  • Kevin Macleod - "Who Likes to Party"
  • Demi Lovato - "Confident"
  • Fall Out Boy - "Centuries" (plays during the end credits)
  • Cobra Starship - "Good Girls Go Bad"
  • Daft Punk - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
  • Lesley Gore- "Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows"
  • SKRILLEX - "Bangarang"


  • This film seems to have the most characters of any ToonWorld film.
  • At one point during the scene where Rayman, Max Goof, Dotty Dog, and Loulou are searching through Alto Avenue, Rayman’s phone seems to go off, playing the “Night Owl” ringtone, which is featured as one of the ringtones in Apple’s iOS 7.
  • In one scene, Sky (from Total Drama) can be seen being chased by a pack of angry dogs. This is based on the fact that L Ryan made Sky way too popular.
  • In this film, Rayman is voiced by Keith Ferguson, even though he was voiced by Stuart Ralston in A Toony Movie. This could possibly hint that ToonWorld All-Stars: The Movie somehow takes place after the events of A Toony Movie, seeing as Rayman is 15 years old in this film, making him a teenager, but he was 10 in A Toony Movie, which makes him one of the only few ToonWorld characters to age. However, Max Goof doesn't seem to age, as if he remains 11 forever.


On April 3, 2016, J&D Productions announced that there might be a sequel to ToonWorld All-Stars: The Movie. Not much is known about the sequel yet, but it might be slated for an early-2018 release.