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Timothy's normal appearance.

Timothy is a young cartoon raccoon who first appeared as the titular character of Timothy Goes to School.

Appearance Edit

Timothy is a light brown raccoon with dark brown coloring on his paws and feet, as well as a dark brown mask-like marking around his eyes. He has a dark brown nose, black eyes, and light pink inner ears.

Normally, Timothy wears a blue and white striped shirt, but he can also be seen in a dark blue pair of overalls or a red pajama shirt.

Personality Edit

Timothy is warm hearted and kind, and very friendly to his classmates and friends. Although he is the main character of "Timothy Goes to School", not all episodes are centered on him. Sometimes he can be a little childish, just like the rest of them, but he rarely joins in on teasing or laughing at someone who may have done something silly or made a mistake. He is sympathetic and gentle, but he also finds himself falling to peer pressure or struggling to resist his temptation of being careless - such as the time he and the Franks built a ramp to ride their bikes off of, despite being told they were too young.

Trivia Edit

  • In J&D's ToonWorld, Timothy can sometimes likes to hang out with Huckle Cat, since J&D sometimes sees them as friends.