The Wolf and the Fox 2 is an animated film made by Nippon Animation. It serves as the sequel to the original Grimm's Fairy Tale Classics episode "The Wolf and the Fox".

Plot Edit

The film takes place a few years after the original episode, and both Fox and Wolf have their own families. Fox has a daughter named Janet Fox, and Wolf has a son named Theo Wolf. Janet dreams of exploring the world(despite her father's attempts to keep her safe), while Theo plans to shed his father's greedy label by telling the animals that he's not so bad. When the two young canids meet, though, they become friends and play with each other, despite both their fathers disagreeing with this friendship.

Characters Edit

  • Mr. Fox
  • Janet Fox
  • Mr. Wolf
  • Theo Wolf
  • Mrs. Fox
  • Mrs. Wolf

(more coming soon!)