The Ruxpin Renegades are a group of heroes whose members are known for protecting the lesser known worlds of the multiverse from evil forces, as well as exploring new places. The group was founded by Teddy Ruxpin, originally as an unnamed trio, comprising of Ruxpin himself, Grubby, and Newton Gimmick, whose original goal was to find the Seven Crystals of Grundo by following a treasure map. Following the unfortunate passing of Gimmick, Ruxpin has recruited several new members to help him explore and protect his home world, and several other worlds. The Ruxpin Renegades is known to have members comprised of characters from underrated or obscure shows from the 1980s or 1990s.

Though the Ruxpin Renegades are not an official division of The S.A.F.T Squad, the former could be considered a close ally of the latter.


  • Teddy Ruxpin (Founder and Leader)
  • Grubby the Octopede (Co-Founder)
  • Amber the Illiop
  • Ernest Otter
  • Zip the Squirrel
  • Blossom the Mouse
  • Sharpy the Fox
  • Honey Boy the Bear
  • Skip the Melmacian
  • Gordon Shumway
  • Rufus the Noop
  • Amberley the Noop

Former Members

This is a list of members who were previously part of the team at some time, but are no longer part of the team either due to leaving the group, or being deceased.

  • Newton Gimmick (deceased)
  • Prince Arin (He does occasionally help sometimes)
  • Princess Aruzia (she is currently with Arin)

Occasional Members

These characters are not official members of the group, but they occasionally come along with the Renegades on some missions.

  • Fritz-Carlos the Schnauzer
  • Hazel the Cocker Spaniel
  • Louis the Bulldog
  • Annabell the Old English Sheepdog
  • Fencer the Cat
  • Psycho the Snake
  • Foofur the Blue Bloodhound
  • Rocki the Bloodhound Puppy
  • Rick Fusterman
  • Rhonda the Melmacian
  • Denver the Dinosaur


  • This is one of the few groups in the ToonWorld multiverse that is comprised mostly of underrated and/or obscure characters.
  • Sometimes, J&D likes to claim that the Ruxpin Renegades is his own version of an "Anti-Pooh's Adventures Team", despite him being neutral on Pooh's Adventures. It is unknown if this was intended as a joke or not.