Sophie the Otter

Sophie the Otter(formerly known in GoAnimate as TheUltimaxOtterKid/MapleTownYesBarneyNo) is a 14-year old otter, and a character from Supernanny: The Theory Series on the Supernanny Fanon Wiki who also appears in GoAnimate videos with plots being produced by PB&Jotterisnumber1. In GoAnimate, her style is Lil' Peepz.

In ToonWorld, Sophie is good friends with Lenny Kangaroo and Justin Puppy. Sophie makes appearances in some of the ToonWorld films, notably ToonWorld All-Stars: The Movie. She also appeared in Toontown Unleashed: The Mutants Strike Back.

Personal Info Edit

  • Birthdate: January 27th
  • Age: 12-14 (Her age stops at 14 and stays like that forever, as if her life is on a floating timeline. This is an example of the Not Allowed to Grow Up trope.)
  • Family Tree: Anna "Aunt Nanner" Otter (Mother), Redolfo Otter (Stepfather), Sydney Otter (Older Sister), Peanut Otter (Cousin), Butter Otter (Cousin), Jelly Otter (Cousin), Ham, Egg, and Cheese Otter (Baby Triplet Cousin OCs made by PB&Jotterisnumber1)
  • Friends: JustinandDennis, Ryantepuppydog242, Justdancingsamuel, TacoComedian, ShimmeringNight, DavidtheAnimationGuy, LouieLouie95,SERGEANTCOMMANDARMY(Adriehl), Sam Chen, WilliamWill2343, AT&TBrother83, JaegersYes KaijusNo and PriceYes SheperdNo, MinecraftComedian, and more.
  • Favorite Shows: PB&J Otter, Ed, Edd n' Eddy, Rugrats, The Simpsons, Recess, Adventures of the Little Koala, Maple Town, The Wuzzles, Sylvanian Families (1987), Sports Cartoons, Popples, and The Get-Along Gang
  • Least Favorite Shows: Marvin Marvin, Lil' Bush, Brickleberry, Here Comes Honey Boo-Boo, Teletubbies, Boohbah, Yo Gabba Gabba!, The Thundermans, Uncle Grandpa, Jungle Junction, Chuggington, and Dora the Explorer
  • Favorite Companies: Disney, Viacom, Cookie Jar, Cartoon Network, Saban Entertainment, DiC, Nintendo, Taito, 20th Century Fox
  • Favorite Video Games: Super Mario, Super Smash Bros., Banjo-Kazooie, Bubble Bobble, Pokémon, Angry Birds, Jetpack Joyride, Diddy Kong Racing

Personality Edit

She is a highly intelligent character with an IQ of a whopping 150 and is usually polite and helpful. Her feelings vary depending on the situation occurring. So, her moods can range from peppy and innocent to furious and frustrated, but her mood is mostly positive.

Special Abilities Edit

  • Swim extremely fluently and fast
  • Water Storm
  • Aqua Current (Propels herself on a water current, as shown in Supernanny: The Theory of Nicole)
  • Blow Bubbles of various sizes
  • Extend her tail to great lengths.
  • Intelligence
  • High Speed
  • Create whirlpools to trap enemies

Trivia Edit

  • She is astraphobic, which means that she is afraid of thunder and lightning.
  • She has asthma, as she occasionally uses an inhaler.
  • She has Asperger's Syndrome, despite being an otter.
  • Her astrological sign is Aquarius, which granted her the ability of water manipulation.