Skipper III the Melmacian

Skip (Full Name: Skipper III) is a male Melmacian who is the son of Skipper II, and was a member of the Melmac Orbit Guard. He first appeared in the ALF episode "Help Me, Rhonda", and was later featured as a regular character in the sitcom's cartoon spinoff, ALF: The Animated Series (or ALF: T.A.S. for short). Skip also frequently appears in J&D's ToonWorld, in his animated version.

History and Appearance

Not much is known about Skip, since he is not as popular as his friend Gordon (ALF) Shumway. However, in the ALF: T.A.S. episode "Skipper's Got a Brand New Dad", it is revealed that Skip was orphaned in his youth.

In "Help Me, Rhonda", Skip has dark brown fur, and is shown wearing a white shirt, but he is later seen wearing what appears to be a blue uniform. So far, this was Skip's only known appearance in the original ALF series.

In ALF: The Animated Series, Skip still has brown fur, yet a bit lighter, but he now has a different outfit. He is usually seen wearing a teal semi-long-sleeved shirt underneath a dark purple vest, and occasionally wears sunglasses over his eyes. Skip's Orbit Guard uniform is purple with yellow trim, and is typically worn over his normal outfit.

Skip's closest friends are two other Melmacians named Gordon Shumway and Rick Fusterman. Skip also has a love interest; a female Melmacian named Rhonda. Before the destruction of Melmac, Skip saved Rhonda by taking her away in his spaceship. Not much else is known about what happened after that, but J&D believes that Rhonda later became Skip's girlfriend (even though his friend Gordon was about to go on his first date with her).

​In ToonWorld

Skip is planned to have a cameo appearance in the upcoming ToonWorld All-Stars movie sequel.

J&D claims that he might create his own fan-made crossover team for Teddy, known as the "Ruxpin Renegades". It will consist of mainly characters from lesser-known 1980's cartoons that J&D is a fan of. He also states that Skip may be included as a member of the Renegades, due to J&D's liking of ALF: T.A.S.



  • Skip is J&D's favorite character from ALF: The Animated Series.