Rude Dog; The Movie poster

The Film's official poster.

Rude Dog: The Movie is a 2015 American animated action-adventure film based on the 1989 TV series "Rude Dog and the Dweebs". It was produced by CBS Films and Sun Sportswear.

Plot Edit

Coming soon!

Characters Edit

  • Rude Dog
  • Rude Dog Jr.(Rude Dog's son, who likes to be known as "Rudy")
  • The Dweebs(Caboose, Barney, Tweek, Satch, Reggie, Winston & Kibble)
  • Seymour
  • Herman and Rott
  • Charlie Barkington(Rude Dog's British Cousin)
  • Gloria

Voice Cast Edit

  • Rob Paulsen - Rude Dog
  • Kyle Arem - Rude Dog Jr.
  • Sean Giambrone - Tweek
  • Frank Welker - Caboose, Rott & Seymour
  • Peter Cullen - Winston & Herman
  • Mendi Sergal - Reggie
  • Dave Coulier - Barney
  • Jim Cummings - Satch
  • Ellen Gerstell - Kibble
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