Jimmy 'Rayman' Martin

Human Jimmy "Rayman".

Jimmy "Rayman" Martin is a character who is the main character of the "Rayman" game series. His first video game debut was in his 1995 namesake game.


Jimmy/Rayman is very friendly and cares for his friends very dearly, and would be devastated to see them get hurt. Even though he's not really the "heroic" type, Jimmy would have to do the unthinkable, and rescue his friends, even if it gets a little dangerous.


As a 10-year old human, Jimmy has medium-length blonde hair, and wears a purple shirt (with the signature white "O" symbol), red bandana, blue shorts and yellow dot sneakers.

In J&D's "ToonWorld" series, Jimmy usually appears in his R1 look, and is the best friend of Bubsy Bobcat, since they are both video game characters. Jimmy lives in a town called Ancelville (presumably named after Michel Ancel, who created the series), and lives with his mom and dad in a two-story home. He also owns a dog named Fido (later named Ray-Puppy).

Jimmy also has a limbless alter-ego known as "Rayman". He is probably more recognizable in this form. He ended up like this after an accident with his computer when he was playing his "Hereitscool" game, which summoned a portal that sucked him into the Valley World(which is located somewhere in the Glade of Dreams). Upon arriving, Jimmy fell into a purple chemical-infested pool, which resulted in his Limbless form. (This is only J&D's theory of how Jimmy became Rayman.)

As Rayman

Young Rayman (2)


As his alter-ego Rayman, Jimmy's blonde hair has turned into the three long strands/flops of hair on Rayman's head. He also has a round muzzle, and large Yoshi-like eyes on his head, but his most distinctive feature is the fact that he becomes limbless, meaning that his hands, feet and head float around without arms, legs or a neck.

Jimmy is usually 10 years old, but when he becomes Rayman, he somehow turns 15, which could possibly hint that his transformation might contain a bit of age progression. Also, his voice changes to Keith Ferguson.


NOTE: Pictures of the 1999/R2 (The Great Escape) and 1995/R1 (Original) versions of Rayman are only accepted. That means NO pictures of any other version. Any pictures that do not fit these standards will be deleted.


  • According to J&D, the backstory on Jimmy/Rayman was inspired by a concept for the original 1995 Rayman game that was scrapped.
  • Rayman is also one of J&D's favorite characters.
  • Jimmy/Rayman has a somewhat older version that appears in "Rayman 2: The Great Escape" and "Rayman Arena".

    Rayman's older R2 version.

    He also has a drastically changed version of himself that appears in Rayman 3, but J&D thinks that version is too overrated, so there won't be very much pictures of that version.