Popy the Fennec Fox

Popy's normal appearance.

Popy is a fennec fox, and one of the main characters of Oscar's Oasis. She is the boss of the trio, and probably the most intelligent member.

Personality Edit

She usually gives the orders and makes the plans. Although Popy can unwind and have fun with her two friends, she nonetheless has a short-temper and is quick to punish Buck and Harchi should they annoy her.

Popy will sometimes make a deal with Oscar or Roco to get something she wants, but she will always cheat on her end of the bargain. However this usually comes to bite her in the butt, such as when she asked Oscar to complete her collection promising food but gave him a rock, he sent her entire collection flying straight into the croc territory.

Trivia Edit

  • Popy's favorite song is the "hula" song as shown in "Home Sweet Home" and "He's Got the Rhythm".