Nora 1

Nora's normal appearance.

Nora is a young cartoon mouse who first appeared in Timothy Goes to School.

Appearance Edit

Nora is a pale brown mouse with pale pink ears, nose, hands, feet, and tail. She has two whiskers on each side of her face, and small black eyes.

Nora mostly wears a fuchsia dress with a pale yellow collar and light blue buttons.

However, she can also be seen in a red and white striped shirt, a bathing suit, pajamas, and a pink dress.

Personality Edit

Nora appears to be a very confident and sometimes pushy mouse. She can be very noisy and a little bossy, but she generally appears to mean well. She will do what she can to help others, and is very upbeat for most part - but she has a short temper. She can be somewhat stubborn, until she is able to adjust to things, but she is also a true friend to the others and cares about them. She owns a lizard called Norman who lives in the school. She has an eight-year-old sister, who is in the third grade, named Kate who has not appeared in the show other than as a picture Nora drew of her in "My Family", and an extremely messy baby brother named Jack who occasionally appears.