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Mub (right) and Grub (left)

Mub and Grub are two CGI mollusks (a slug and a snail, respectively) who both first appeared in the movie "Epic" as the secondary tritagonists. They might make a few cameos in some of the ToonWorld games and films.

Mub is voiced by Aziz Ansari, while Grub is voiced by Chris O'Dowd.

Personality Edit

Mub is a wise-cracking slug, and throughout the events of Epic, he was trying to chat Mary Katherine (MK) up due to the fact he was massively overconfident in himself, thinking that MK liked him, despite the fact that he was a slug, and she was a human.

Grub is snail who dreams of becoming a Leafman in the future. He is proper, but funny. He has morals, unlike his buddy slug, Mub.

Trivia Edit

  • Mub and Grub serve as the comedy relief of the film Epic, having many amusing moments of the sort.
  • Mary Katherine initially mistook Mub to be a snail, whereas it is Grub who is the snail.
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