Marvin Cat

Marvin's normal appearance.

Marvin is a character from the series "Wackytown".

Appearance Edit

Marvin has brown fur, with a tan color on his belly, inner ears and tail tip. He also has small "dot" eyes, a red nose, and small whiskers. For clothing, Marvin wears a bowtie (very similar to the one worn by Fauntleroy Fox, but Marvin's is orange), and blue shorts.

Personality Edit

Marvin is a loyal cat, but he can be quite clumsy, as he frequently bumps into stuff on accident. He rarely speaks, so he's like a man...err, cat of action, and often expresses himself through actions rather than his words. Although he rarely talks, Marvin isn't afraid to speak his mind when it suits him.

More Info Edit

  • Age: 19
  • Likes: doing cartwheels, Ferb Fletcher (his favorite character from Phineas and Ferb), The Lion King, The Aristocats (his favorite Disney film), carnival rides, county fairs, dancing to his favorite song, acrobatics, and brushing his fur.
  • Dislikes/Hates: tripping on stuff, scary things, gay people (don't ask why), stomach aches, getting sick, vegtables (Marvin prefers to eat steak and other meats), and stage fright.