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La Brea is one of the main characters of "Dino Babies", and she is also the only female Dino Baby.

Appearance Edit

La Brea is a purple dinosaur with a pink belly. She also has blonde hair and a bone on her head that acts like a hairbow.

Personality Edit

A headstrong little dinosaur, La Brea often challenged Truman the Dino's authority, but she was a good friend at heart. She does cares for her friends dearly. La Brea is also a good friend of Justin Puppy.

In the Toontown Unleashed film series, La Brea appears as an ally of Dennis Coyote, mostly tags along with his team.

Trivia Edit

  • La Brea is one of J&D's two favorite Dino Babies characters, the other being Marshall.
  • Unlike the other main Dino Babies characters, La Brea's eyes are actually smaller.
  • La Brea appears to have a fight against Jelly Otter, due to La Brea being underrated, and Jelly gets too much attention.
    La Brea and Jelly's Rivalry

    A picture by J&D showing La Brea and Jelly having a fight against each other. (Note that J&D's version of Jelly looks somewhat different than the original, mostly because of the scar on her left eye, but without her shoes)

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