Grace (Timothy Goes to School)

Grace's normal appearance.

Grace is a young cartoon cat who first appeared in Timothy Goes to School. She is seen playing with Claude Raccoon most of the time.

Appearance Edit

Grace has orange fur with yellow eyes and a dark-tan colored nose. The inside of her ears are light pink, while the tips of her hands, feet, and tail are dark orange-brown. She wears a bright blue dress with white collar flaps.

Personality Edit

Grace is an upper-class cat who likes things her way. Her interests include dance, especially ballet, and figure skating. Generally, Grace is calm and nice to others. But due to her mature personality and talents at most things, she is also both competitive and finds most of the other things done by the others as childish or annoying. She is pretty smart and gets along very well with Claude, due to their similar personalities.

Trivia Edit