Gold-Dust's normal appearance.

Gold-Dust is a cartoon dog who was also known as the 1987-90 ABC SatAM Dog.

Appearance Edit

Gold-Dust probably gets his name from his orange-gold fur color. He has small "dot" eyes, floppy ears, and a dark brown collar that is the same color as his ears and nose.

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Canon Appearance Edit

  • After These Messages bumpers (animated by Olive Jar) in 1987

Fanon Appearances Edit

Gold-Dust makes his film debut in A Toony Movie as one of the major characters. He also appears in Rooladdin as the Peddler.

Trivia Edit

  • Gold-Dust didn't have an official name before, so "Gold-Dust" is his head-canon name.
  • He seems to be good friends with Coal (the ABC All-Star Saturday Dog), and Tooty (the 1985-85 ABC SatAM Dog).
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