Flippy Doggenbottom

Flippy's normal appearance.

Flippy is a light blue dog toon who is the mayor of Toontown Central and the president of the Toon Council. He is also the head of the Super Awesome Furry Team Squadron (or The S.A.F.T Squad for short), and a recurring character in The SAFT Squad's Adventure Series.

In J&D's ToonWorld, Flippy is voiced by David Gasman.


Flippy has blue fur, a tan muzzle, and thin black floppy ears. His clothing mainly consists of an orange t-shirt with red stripes, white cartoon gloves, and purple shorts.


  • He is not to be confused with the infamous HTF Flippy. Also, seeing as though J&D doesn't like HTF, that series will never be included in ToonWorld.
  • In J&D's ToonWorld, Flippy is married to Jane Doggenbottom, and has two kids named Zippy and Gwen.