Fanny Fox (JP: Diana Konderik) is one of Patty Rabbit's friends. She is 8 years old. She is the older sister of Freddy Fox (JP: Carl) and the daughter of Mr. Fox (Fredrick, JP: Hans) and Mrs. Fox (Florence, JP: Chirine). She was voiced by Maureen O'Connell in the English dub and Mayumi Shō (who also voiced Ricky Rabbit) in the Japanese version.

Appearance Edit

She is an orange and light yellow fox with a brown nose and a bushy tail with a light yellow tip. She wears a blue and white dress with a yellow ribbon on the capelet and a darker blue stripe on the lower half of the skirt of the dress and white buckled shoes.

In her debut episode "The Stolen Necklace", she sports a light blue hair bow and has a yellow capelet, pink flowers on her blue dress, a pink ribbon, a pearl necklace (which was the aforementioned debut episode's principal item, giving it its name), and light blue shoes.

Personality Edit

Fanny tends to be bossy, stubborn, fussy, and selfish most of the time (a personality trait inherited from her mother). She also thinks that she is better than all the others, leading her to become dominant at times due to her family being the richest in Maple Town.

Her attitude may lead to some conflicts with other characters (especially her family). For example, she says that she doesn't like Danny Dog (Johnny Kraft) and called him a scaredy-cat for not getting over his fear in the Maple Town Stories Movie. Another is when she steps on Suzie Squirrel's tail in her debut (causing her to hold her tail in pain).

Despite this behavior, she is still accepted and receives respect from her friends.

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