PB&J Otter fan-character; Cody Otter

Cody is a young greenish-yellow otter is a fan-character created by J&D for PB&J Otter. He is the twin brother of Jelly Otter, the younger brother of Peanut Otter, and the older brother of Butter Otter.


Cody is a slender otter with greenish-yellow fur, green hair, a white muzzle and belly, and a black nose. He also has two pairs of whiskers around his muzzle. Cody normally wears a neon green shirt with a green "C" in the middle, and green sandals. Being Jelly's twin brother, he is the same height and age as her.


Cody is caring and playful, like his twin sister, but he is more down-to-earth than her. He sometimes doesn't agree to Jelly's crazy ideas, but he doesn't mind doing the Noodle Dance, unlike Peanut. Cody also tends to act very nervous when Jelly gets mad at someone (like Peanut), fearing that she might yell at him as well. However, Cody is occasionally shown to act just as goofy as his twin sister.

Cody tends to dislike the Snootie twins, mostly because they act mean toward him and his siblings, but he doesn't always hold a grudge against them. Cody is also very polite to adults (including his parents) and authority figures, like Mayor Jeff.