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Charles' normal appearance.

Charles is a young cartoon mouse who first appeared in Timothy Goes to School.

Appearance Edit

Charles has a chubby body and light grey fur. His ears, nose, hands, feet and tail are pale pink.

Normally, Charles wears wears a red shirt and blue overalls.

Personality Edit

Charles likes to play by himself at recess but is often seen around Timothy, Lilly or Yoko, being the quieter members of the class. Due to being so shy, he sometimes struggles when it comes to approaching others or speaking up, until he gets to know them. He engages in very creative and imaginative play, as he built a make-believe rocket to the stars. He doesn't really seem to like sports as much as the other boys though, and when he gets to know someone he can be very kind and sweet to them.

Trivia Edit

  • Charles is regarded as one of the smallest in class, tying with Nora the Mouse.