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Bugsly's Adventures in Furtown is a cartoon slice-of-life series created by JustinandDennis on Deviantart. It will air on Corgi Studio Network's "ToonWorld".


The series focuses on the adventures of an 11-year old cat named Bugsly Kitten, his best friend Rufus the Dog, and their friends in a small urban city named "Furtown", which is inhabited by friendly animals. Bugsly also frequently has some battles with his arch rival, Xander Coyote. At the same time, the bitter, yet sweet friendship of Bugsly and Lindsay Kitten begins to blossom.

This show contains humor similar to ones used in the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's cartoons, but it also has some gross-out humor. In certain episodes, there are sometimes references to popular media, but not too much is involved. This is to prevent controversy on the show.


  • Bugsly Kitten: The show's eponymous character. He is 11 years old, likes being active, exercising, loves animated movies, cartoons, water parks, and riding his bike around the neighborhood. Bugsly is friendly, and kind to his friends. However, he doesn't like when his father acts super-lazy, and hates mean people.
  • Rufus the Dog: An 11-year old dog who is the best friend (and also adoptive brother) of Bugsly. He is quite rambunctious and silly, and he's a bit like Odie, only a bit smarter. Rufus likes Kart-racing, water slides, bacon, and computer games.
  • Larry Bear: A 9-year old bear who wears a yellow-green shirt with long green sleeves and an "L" on it. A rather laid-back kid, Larry would rather tend to his garden than ride bikes. However, he does like to ride his scooter. Larry is often seen with his best buddy, Roy Fox.
  • Roy Fox: A blue fox who is the same age as Larry. Roy wears nothing but black sneakers on his feet. He likes to take gymnastics, which gives him an acrobatic ability. Roy also has an interest in skateboarding.
  • Shifty Puppy: A 7-year old puppy who is rather clumsy on his feet, yet he does like to explore. Shifty's favorite movie is Ferngully: The Last Rainforest, and he owns a pony named Cotton Candy. Shifty is also a good friend of Bugsly
  • Lindsay Kitten: A sweet little kitten who has a crush on Bugsly. Although Bugsly refuses to share his feelings toward Lindsay, he does like her as a friend, although they will eventually become a couple.
  • Clark the Dog: A brown dog who wears a purple cap, and is a member of a trio known as "The Three Amigos".
  • Clarence Raccoon: A young raccoon who is Clark's best bud.
  • Xander Coyote: A 12-year old Coyote who is Bugsly's arch rival.


Season 1:

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