Boscoe the Ball

Boscoe's normal appearance.

Boscoe the Ball is a character from the series "Wackytown".

Appearance Edit

A green living ball with a red button nose, a multi-colored propeller beanie hat, and blue shoes. Boscoe has very short legs, but he has no arms, so his hands float around.

Personality Edit

Boscoe is playful and energetic, so he rarely ever gets exhausted. He often likes to bounce around often.

More Info Edit

  • Age: 5
  • Likes: Bouncy things, dancing to his favorite song, being silly, Bob the Ball (from A Little Curious), the Electoons (from Rayman 1), bounce houses, and trampolines.
  • Dislikes: Sharp things, getting hurt, depression, boring things, and getting tired.