Bonnie and Billy
Bonnie and Billy Wagner are two human children who first appeared in the 80's "Popples" cartoon. They own a collection of Popples since the cartoon's first season. Bonnie is the older sibling and Billy is the younger sibling. They live with their mother Mrs. Wagner. It is unknown to who their father is, for he has never been shown in the series. In the first season, Bonnie was voiced by Barbara Lynn Redpath and Billy was voiced by Noam Zylberman.

Appearance Edit

Bonnie and Billy are Caucasian humans. Bonnie has long dark brown hair with bangs and brown irises. She is typically seen wearing a violet hair ribbon, a purple shirt with a white vest over it, a dark purple skirt, white sneakers, and purple socks. Billy has short light brown hair with bangs and blue irises. He wears a blue and purple shirt with a red 1 on the front, dark purple pants, red and white sneakers with white strings, and white socks.

Personalities Edit

Bonnie and Billy often do their best to keep the Popples from trying to make a mess over important things, but don't always succeed. However, Bonnie's regulations over the Popples being around tend to be more strict than Billy's.