Bobby Bear

Bobby as he appears in Maple Town.

Bobby J. Bear (JP Last Name: Kumanoff) is Patty Rabbit's boyfriend and is one of the main characters in the series Maple Town. He is 9 years old. He is also the eldest child of Mr. Bear and Mrs. Bear (JP: Nicolai and Natasha), who both run the Maple Town General Store. He has a little sister named Bonny (at age 3) and three younger brothers who are named Kin (Billy Bear), Kun (Buddy Bear), and Ken (Bertie Bear) in the Japanese version. In the episode "Welcome to Maple Town", he meets Patty Rabbit for the first time once Patty arrived to Maple Town via train and the two later become friends.

He was voiced by Yoku Shioya in the Japanese version and Barbara Goodson (who also voiced Mikey Mole), Susan Roman, and Wendee Lee in the English dub.

Appearance Edit

Bobby is a brown bear with large, black beady eyes, a black nose in the shape of an upside-down soft triangle, tan insides of his ears (with the outsides being brown), and a sand-colored muzzle. His attire consists of a red and white striped shirt overlapped by blue overalls with lighter blue buttons. He wears orange-brown shoes as well, but his toy depiction and some promotional artwork showed him without any shoes. Also, there are more red and white stripes on his shirt in his toy version and they are thinner and like Patty Rabbit, his head and muzzle both appear to be slightly rounder (including his ears). Also, his inner ear is brown instead of tan.

In the Maple Town Stories movie, he is seen wearing a yellow-green version of his overalls and wears a straw hat in the beginning scene. Other than that, his attire is unchanged, unlike Fanny Fox and Patty Rabbit.

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