• Bunniculafan2016

    This was made for the Perry and the animals page I'm gonna make.

    Yes, it has foreign dubs.

    • German: Perry und die Tiere (Perry and the animals)
    • Spanish: Perry y los animales (Perry and the animals
    • Korean: 페리와 슈퍼 밴드 (Perry and the superband)
    • Italian: Superstar di Perry (Superstar of Perry)
    • Japanese: ペリー/歌う動物の兄弟 (Perry/singing animal brothers)
    • Polish: Perry i zwierzęta (Perry and the animals)
    • Russian: Перри и животные (Perry and the animals)
    • Chinese: 佩里和动物 (Perry and the animals)
    • French: Perry et les animaux (Perry and the animals)
    • Portuguese: Perry e os animais (Perry and the animals)

    • German: Perry und die Tiere 2 (Perry and the animals 2)
    • Spanish: Perry y los animales 2 (Perry and the animals 2)
    • Korean: 페리와 슈퍼 밴드 2 (Perry and the superband 2)
    • Italian: Per…

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  • Bunniculafan2016

    If have some opinions you may disagree. If you disagree that's fine and I can respect that.

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  • JustinandDennis

    Hey guys, I have something important to inform you. I am brining my stuff to Creation wiki, because I'm worried that the notorious hacker who breached my Deviantart account may strike here next. I know there's a lot of drama over there, but I don't really have a choice.

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  • JustinandDennis

    Everyone, I've got very terrible news. Someone has hacked my Deviantart account!! I can't believe this would happen. Now I can't get back into my account. It was only a matter of time before this horrific hacking event would happen.

    - sigh - I can't decide if I should make a new account, or just stay off Deviantart forever. I feel very sad.

    Ryantepuppydog242, PB&JOtterisnumber1, if you're reading this, I really need help. I'm not sure if I'll be able to recover my account. I really don't want the hacker to get me again. - starts to cry -

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  • JustinandDennis

    Ok, here's my first attempt at doing a poll. Hope you enjoy!

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