Blinky Bill

Blinky Bill.

Blinky Bill is a charming little koala from the village of Greenpatch who dances to the beat of his own drum. He is the main protagonist of the 1993 series "The Adventures of Blinky Bill", as well as the 1992 Blinky Bill film. He is friends with Flap Platypus, Nutsy Koala, Marcia Mouse, Splodge Kangaroo, Shifty Dingo, and Slick Possum.

Blinky is also a traveling member of The S.A.F.T Squad in The SAFT Squad's Adventure Series. In J&D's ToonWorld, Blinky is an ally of Justin Puppy.

Appearance Edit

Blinky has grey fur, and is sometimes shown to have brown eyes. He wears red knickerbocker dungarees with a yellow button.

Personality Edit

Clever and a little mischievous at times, Blinky seeks excitement and adventure where other koalas are happy to eat and sleep the day away.

Trivia Edit

  • In J&D's ToonWorld, Blinky Bill is friends with Roobear Koala.