Blacky is a character created by DeviantArt user LeafsFan79. He is the benevolent younger brother of Cracky and the older brother of Placky.

Blacky by leafsfan79-daulde2

Appearance Edit

Blacky is a black circular alien with dog ears, a tail, animal limbs, round nose, red eyes, and a big mouth.

Personality Edit

Despite his scary-looking appearance, Blacky is very friendly and cares for his friends very dearly and would be very angry to see them get hurt. Blacky also would roar at or attack any evil-doer who would try to do something wrong to his friends. He also loves giving great big hugs. He is good friends with Rayman, Bubsy Bobcat, Justin Puppy, Dennis, Kid Rock and other characters.

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Trivia Edit

  • According to LeafsFan79, Blacky is named after Blackie Lawless, the lead singer of the heavy metal band W.A.S.P.
  • Blacky is 18 years old.
  • Blacky's voice actor is Adam Sandler. In his younger years, Blacky is voiced by Stuart Ralston.
  • Blacky will appear in "ToonWorld All-Stars 2", as one of the main protagonists. He will mostly appear as his older self, but he will also appear as his younger self in flashbacks.
  • LeafsFan79 liked drawing characters like these when he was younger.

Quotes Edit

  • "Leave my friends alone, Cracky!"
  • "Thanks, buddy!"