Blackfrost the Dragoness (no BG)
Blackfrost is a cartoon villainess who is the evil stepsister of Luna the Dragon. Not only that, but she serves as Luna's arch-nemesis.

Blackfrost is usually a lone wolf, but she is sometimes seen helping the E.V.I.L Troop. She also has a crush on another dragon named Ronaldo.

Appearance Edit

Blackfrost has dark-colored scales on her body, gold scales on her belly and gold horns, and purple colored hair-like style, tail tip, and wings. She also has green eye whites, and purple eyeshades.

Personality Edit

Although she is Luna's older stepsister, the two are polar opposites. Blackfrost is cunning, immoral, sadistic, sly, and deceitful. She often likes to tease Luna (despite her annoyance), and the two almost never get along, except when Blackfrost tricks Luna into thinking that she's helping her friends.

Blackfrost can also sometimes get lazy, as she often lets her assistants do the work for her.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Blackfrost is very skilled in controlling black magic. Surprisingly, Blackfrost is also a shapeshifter, like her stepsister, except Blackfrost's animal forms are a bit more sinister.

Other Info Edit

  • Age: 17 (she's older than Luna, who is 14)
  • Status: Currently has a crush on Ronaldo the Dragon.
  • Friends: The GFTC Wolf, Danny Dingo, Malefor the Dragon, and other villains.
  • Likes: teasing her step-sister(despite Luna's annoyance), evil things, dark magic, seeing villages burn, Scaring Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Halloween(her favorite holiday)
  • Dislikes/Hates: Getting defeated by the good guys, losing her powers, idiotic people, being rudely awoken from her nap, and hurting herself.

Trivia Edit

  • Blackfrost's personality is somewhat similar to Blackfire from Teen Titans.