Archie the Cootie Bug

Archie's normal appearance.

Archie the Cootie Bug is a main character from the series "Wackytown".

Appearance Edit

Archie, as his surname suggests, is a blue Cootie bug who has yellow antennae, two arms and four legs. He wears a green t-shirt, yellow cartoon gloves, and green sneakers.

Personality Edit

He is very nurturing and kind, and knows what's right or wrong, although he is sometimes awkward. Archie is always happy to meet new friends. He is best friends with Flora Amberson (a human girl), and Boscoe the Ball. Archie also has a pet elephant named Patch.

More Info Edit

  • Age: 15
  • Girlfriend: Carly the Cootie Bug
  • Friends: Boscoe Ball, Flora Amberson, Penelope the Pencil, Slinkster the Snake, Reginald Fox, Marvin Cat, Sleazy Vacuum, Charles the Flower, William Walrus, Justin Puppy, and more.
  • Likes: Hanging out with friends, Marvel comic books, Sierra Mist, dancing to his favorite song, Toontown Rewritten, Team Fortress 2, The Amazing World of Gumball (his favorite show), Dairy Queen's Cotton Candy Blizzard, Roofus the Roller Roo (his favorite cartoon hero), laser tag, Star Tours 2: The Adventures Continue, Disneyland's World of Color, The Get Along Gang, and Rude Dog and the Dweebs
  • Dislikes/Hates: Bullies, someone stealing his girlfriend, brain freeze, Breadwinners, boring things, Catchum Crocodile (The Get Along Gang), scary things, depression, losing his friends, and an achy back or foot.

Trivia Edit

  • Archie's species was based on The Game of Cootie, specifically the 1996 version made by Milton Bradley.
  • Also, Archie the Cootie was named after Archie Andrews, a popular comic character.